Sunday Sermons

Sermons Ordered By Date:

Title Speaker Listen
I’m Not Finished Yet Gabe Phillips
Sunday with Paul & Marinette Van Coller Paul & Marinette Van Coller
Prisoner of our Expectations Mark van Pletsen
GIVE ME A BREAK Gabe Phillips
Prisoner Of His Presence Mark van Pletsen
IT’S A SET-UP Gabe Phillips
How good he is Mark Van Pletsen
Another in the fire Gabe Phillips
Pure Joy Mark Van Pletsen
The Man Who Stands And Falls Rory Dyer
They’re Watching You – Are You Crazy? Part 6 Mark Van Pletsen
Are You Crazy? Part 5 Gabe Phillips
Marlize Du Plessis – What Do You See, Are You Crazy? Part 4 Marlize Du Plessis
Nande Boss – Make Room, Are You Crazy? Part 4 Nande Boss
Are You Crazy? Part 3 Mark Van Pletsen
Are You Crazy? Part 2 Gabe Phillips
Are You Crazy? Part 1 Mark Van Pletsen
The Heist – Easter Sunday Gabe Phillips
His Blood Never Fails – Good Friday Mark Van Pletsen
Blind Faith Gabe Phillips