The Recycle Swop Shop project is an empowerment initiative. The community of Du Noon, learners at Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, the children at Wesbank No. 1 Primary School, Yomelela Primary School, Khayelitsha and Siyazakha Primary School, Phillipi are given the opportunity to help themselves by collecting recyclable items like tins, plastic and paper. They are then able to exchange the bags of recycling at the Swop Shop for essential personal and household items, as well as school supplies and toys.

This is how it works:

  • People from the community and school children fill up bags of recyclable wastethat is lying around the streets in informal settlements.
  • These are brought to the Swop Shops, which is set up in four schools; Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, Du Noon, Wesbank No.1 Primary School, Blue Downs, Yomelela Primary School, Khayelitsha and Siyazakha Primary School, Phillipi.
  • The full bags are sorted by volunteers and tokens are given out for each bag brought.
  • With these tokens the people from the community and the school children can enter our shops where they can buy all sorts of necessities such as clothes, food, toiletries and school essentials.

How you can help:

We know that Recycle Swop Shop has changed the lives of those living in Du noon and we’re excited to see the project grow in Wesbank, Khayelitsha and Phillipi. Now, we need your help to change more lives; to impact other communities: in Cape Town; across South Africa; and even further north across our borders.

Whatever you can give goes a long way. You can donate any amount and it will go directly to purchasing items for the Swop Shops. You can sponsor goods. You can get involved. With every bit you help, the sphere of this project grows, and we are able to bring more hope and change to a Continent that’s desperate for it. Please read our Donations Policy Document.

We ensure that 100% of your donations will be used to fill the shop with basic items. R50 gives the Recycle Swop Shop a school pack and toiletries.

recycle swop shop - kids with tags